The Soulcraft seminar with Bill Plotkin is some of the deepest and most profound work I have ever experienced. I am still in awe of the results that can be achieved when you enlist the collective unconscious and Mother Nature to guide you to your core. Bill and his crew are the ultimate facilitators for this process.

-Anita Sholiton, Marketing Director, Anchor Point Institute, Salt Lake City, Utah

My experience with Animas was profound. I left my quest feeling deeply connected with the Earth and with my own heart, soul, and sense of purpose. It was one of the most significant turning points in my life, my second birth.

-Patti Rieser, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Durham, North Carolina

The great wisdom and nurturing from my quest guides and fellow questers helped me lay effective plans for the shape of my new life. I am still awed by the guides’ great power and gentleness.

-Leonie FitzGerald, ecologist, Edinburgh, Scotland

My Vision Quest and subsequent Soulcraft experiences, so skillfully and lovingly crafted by Bill and co-guides, transformed my life. Each time, I have returned to my home and work with a deeper sense of gratitude for both, and an openness to experiencing life more wholeheartedly than I thought possible.

-Joe Woolley, Director, Biomedical Division, Glaxo SmithKline, Durham, North Carolina

It was hard to tell exactly when dawn came. I looked up and saw a crack in the clouds and the light pouring through. My heart cracked open. The earth, the sky, the rain, the silvery light, the trees, the great mystery in my heart and in everything they all said, "Love is all that matters, and you are here to welcome the dawn."

-Liz Maxwell, Episcopal Minister, New York, New York